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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Harmonic Meeting 5/2006

1. The March minutes were approved with a note that Cataloging Committee did meet.

2. NHMCCD and MCMLS van drivers arrive at Tomball at approximately the same time. As a result, there is not enough time to sort the bins. If driver arrival schedules could be staggered, bins could be sorted and materials would get to patrons one day sooner. Each system will begin discussions about altering driver schedules.

3. Linda Gambrill asked that each library be careful about putting books into correct bins. Anne will send a note to college libraries reminding them of this. There was a discussion about consolidating college materials in order to eliminate tubs. A tub is not usually needed for Parkway or Carver. There was a question about how much sorting Tomball was doing. Possibly Tomball could function as a sorting center and North Harris could serve as a sorting center for the colleges.

4. Discussion about HIP limits. The "checked in" limit only works when indexes are run. HCPL is planning to remove this limit because it is not accurate. Limiters are built from itypes, locations, and collection codes, but these cannot be used in the same limit. Videorecordings are not coming up in Horizon searches.

5. Upgrades: 7.3.3 Horizon upgrade was implemented. Ty will send a list of bugs that this upgrade fixed to Sandra and Linda. Upgrade to HIP 7.4 and Horizon 8.1 will occur at the same time and will occur in 2007. Gene said that it cost $250 to do the custom programming to include the new book status (nb) on the request pull list. MCMLS was interested in this function. Mark said that the district would be upgrading the HIP server from this year's budget. HCPL has budgeted to purchase a new server next year.

6. Gene addressed emergency preparations of the HCPL servers. HCPL is investigating diesel and propane generators to keep power to the server rooms. They are also discussing adding another pole for a secondary source of power with rollover capacity if power is disrupted. He said that the El Rio site is on high ground and is not in danger of flooding.

7. Terry Melton has resigned as Chair of the Circulation Committee. Katherine Green will take over as Chair of the Circulation Committee. Katherine knows both the college and public library operations.

8. Safari Tech books are still not available to NHMCCD and MCMLS. Vendor is sending new records to correct the problem. A new Dartclix collection has been loaded for HCPL and is available to MCMLS.

9. Nancy reported on the ILL Lite project. This is an interlibrary loan pilot project between Barbara Bush and MCMLS Central. 6 books have been requested by Barbara Bush through ILL lite. An additional 13 could have been requested if all Harmonic partners were included in the project. Time saved using ILL Lite is inconclusive. As this process requires some staff intervention that differs from regular ILL, training is an issue. Sandra suggested that staff time should also be documented. Greg will investigate expanding the pilot to include ILL requests from MCMLS Central.

10. HCPL is changing Internet service providers by the end of July so the IP address for the Horizon server will change. All staff client (DSEdit) server listings for Harmonic need to be changed to ‘Horizon.hcpl.net,2025’ instead of ‘,2025’ before the HCPL IP change in late June or early July. This can be done on staff client machines anytime ahead of the change yet it should certainly be done before the HCPL server IP is changed. HIP, RPA, and Ezproxy connections to the Harmonic server may need to be scheduled for the change since they may require the specific new IP address. The same issue the servers have may also apply with self check out machines.

11. There will be no meeting in June because of ALA. Next meeting will be July 24. Greg will send out a call for agenda items that pertain to all institutions. The meeting will be cancelled if there are no agenda items.


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